Critical Points of Intersection (CPIs)

Most people have heard the advice “Work your network.”  Many people have no idea what this valuable piece of advice means or what to do with it.  My discussion centers around identifying those critical points of intersection (CPIs) that define our networks and leveraging those to benefit our personal and professional lives.

Step One:  Who do I know?

That’s right.  It’s a big list, but it’s the first step you have to take in order to begin to understand where your CPIs are.  You’ll have three lists.  They are Personals, Professionals, and Hybrids.  We’re not trying to get you into a multi-level marketing program or selling life insurance to your friends and family.  It’s just that you have friends that fall a bit into both categories, and it’s just smart to have a Hybrid category.

Make your list exhaustive.  Wear it out.  We’ll come back for Step Two next.

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