How Do I Overcome Burn-Out?

clockIt’s a good and honest question.  Everyone has been there, and we’ve all needed help digging out of it.

Here are some helpful hints on how to overcome burn-out and regain forward momentum in your business and life:

  1. Make a list of the things you love about your job or life.
  2. Make a list of the things that used to get you super-charged in your job or life (I recommend making these lists at two different sittings to make sure you’re as objective as possible).
  3. Compare those lists.  Are there things on the first list that still match the second list?
  4. Ask WHAT, WHY, WHERE, HOW, and WHEN.

WHAT changed about how I am affected by the things I love in my life and job?  If you can go back and re-live the enthusiasm that you used to have, it can help you remember those specific feelings and the joy that came with them.  In re-living that enthusiasm, it can help us to re-trace the steps that led to those feelings changing.

WHY did my feelings about those things change?  Once we get to the points of transition, we can begin to determine pivot points where our responses to events differed from the past.  Did coworkers reactions change at some point in response to our successes?  Did a friend experience a life altering event that modified your relationship?  Did we reach something akin to a plateau that left us feeling bored?

WHERE was I emotionally when those changes occurred?  Once you determine critical pivot points, challenge yourself to remember what emotions you were experiencing in tandem with these events.  Were there shifts in leadership in your work life?  Was a family member suffering with illness?  Did you make any life changes that coincided with these events?

HOW can I change my perspective in order to regain the love that I once had for these things?  Simply put, we need to separate past emotions from past events to see those events clearly again.  A friend of mine used to get an irrational case of nervousness every Fall and had no idea why.  It turned out that twice in his past, he had lost his job in October.  Because of that association, his Fall days were extremely uncomfortable.  Once he came to realize this, he was able to divorce himself from that past anxiety and enjoy leaves turning colors along with everyone else.  You, too, may be associating past events with the things you used to love.  Spend some time to determine if this is true and regain your perspective.

WHEN is the best time for me to make changes that will get me back in love with my life and job?  NOW.  Don’t languish any further feeling like the best has come and gone.  We are all meant to do awesome things in our lives, and we do ourselves a disservice when we suffer with burn-out.  Go back in time and find those passions that ignited you, challenged you, and super-charged you.  Set new goals with old passions aflame and strike out to make great things happen!

I hope you’ll share your experiences with overcoming burn-out and setting out on new adventures!  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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