Back To The Basics

Sometimes I think we forget some of this wisdom that was imparted to us long ago in our childhood.  

So here is a reminder of how our grandmothers would like to see us behave in our PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL lives:

Say Please and Thank You | That’s right!  If you’re asking for something, it is still good form to say “Please.”  It tells the person you’re talking to that you recognize that it is their choice to help you, and you are grateful for their service.  When it comes to “Thank You,” I cannot stress enough how important this is to virtually every aspect of our lives.  Thank your spouse, your server, your coworker, and your customers.  No one wants to feel like they’re taken for granted, and you can eliminate this by simply thanking people.

Encourage One Another | It matters to the people in your life that you care about their success.  Listen carefully when people tell you what matters to them, and remember to encourage them as they work toward their goals.  We are gratified when someone asks how we are doing in pursuit of our goals, and it reminds us that we are important to each other.

Tell The Truth | Can this be more simply stated?  When faced with the choice, we always feel better when we’re able to tell the truth.  Is telling the truth always easy?  Hell, no!  Sometimes it seems far more difficult than “bending” the truth, but we’re more credible and ultimately better friends when we do.

Say Excuse Me When You Bump Into Someone (Or Burp) | I’ve experienced it, and so have you.  Someone bumps into you in line, in the aisle, or walking on the sidewalk.  It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, just say “Excuse me,” thereby inviting the other person to pay it forward.

Look People In The Eye | Have you ever noticed how many people don’t look you in the eye when talking to you?  We trust you more when you look at us when you’re talking.  If you’re going to talk to me, please look at me.

Have A Firm Handshake | Honestly, this is a such a pet peeve of mine.  If you’re going to extend your hand for a welcoming embrace, I’d rather it not be low-fat, boneless, and skinless.  It’s gross, and it actually makes me feel like you’d rather be somewhere else resting your hands in a bowl of Palmolive.

Say I’m Sorry When You Screw Up | It’s so much more effective than trying to make excuses for mistakes.  If you mess up, even if it’s royally, just say you’re sorry.  It goes a long way toward legitimizing you’re credibility when you own your mistakes and apologize.

Are you covering the basics?

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