Are You Wise About Your WHYs?

I believe we all come to a place when we take one step back from our lives, look at what we’re doing, and ask “Why?”

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This can pertain to our job, a hobby, a relationship, or even a choice of restaurant.  That said, when we come to this place, it is a tremendous opportunity to take the question to other areas of our life.  If it does start with something as simple as a meal selection, then that may not be the best time to get all reflective on more critical choices, but it is important to assess all aspects of our lives and understand concretely WHY we make the choices that we make.

I am definitely not suggesting that we should consistently raise an eyebrow to our spouse or partner or that we should always be on the look-out for a better job.  In fact, quite the opposite, it can be very beneficial to remind ourselves of WHY we’ve made good and appropriate choices in various aspects of our lives.

I have heard it said that “It’s the little things that break up relationships and marriages.”  Maybe it is snoring, leaving the toilet lid up, dropping dirty clothes in the floor, or even bad cooking!  While I have some strong beliefs in communication in a marriage that counter much of this, it is true that we often fail to communicate our dissatisfaction and allow things to build up.  Imagine how valuable it would be to have a WHY moment in the throwes of an argument over dirty dishes.  “WHY did I choose to be in this relationship?  WHY do I choose to remain here?  WHY am I allowing these small issues to derail those other reasons?”

The same can be said for our jobs, hobbies, and even food selections.  Take the time to ask your “WHYs.”  Take the time to reflect on the reasons behind your choices.  Studying the WHYs in our life has the power to lead to awesome change and unprecedented empowerment.  Knowing our WHYs can allow us to lead a more purpose-driven life.

Have you spent time finding your WHYs?  Tell me about it.

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