Are You A Reliable Person?

reliabilityIts a worthwhile question, isn’t it?

Why is it important to be a reliable person?  Do you want to be that person who no one ever looks to for help?  Are you that person already?  Do people shy away from asking you for help, because you just never seem to come through for them?

Even worse, are you that person who always volunteers and says yes when someone needs something and bails at the eleventh hour?  You know the type.  It’s the person who gets the thrill of volunteering, because volunteering feels good.  Nearly every time there is a stated need, their hand goes up.  Time rocks along until it’s nearly time to do “the thing,” and they’re suddenly too busy, or they’re swamped with responsibilities, or…   The list goes on and on.

You could also be the one that never makes it to meetings on time.  You could be the one that always skates in eight minutes late to every meeting, looking like Cosmo Kramer.  You always interrupt meetings to which us you should have been on time.

Perhaps, however, you are none of these.  Perhaps you are, in fact, a reliable person.  Can you relate to knowing some of these folks? Can you relate to the frustration of having to run interference for them on a regular basis?  If you’re not one of these people, I commend you on being reliable.  It is to our reliable friends and coworkers that we turn when we need to feel confident.

If you are, though, I ask you to take a look at your habits and see where you might be a better friend, spouse, son, daughter, parent, or coworker.  Being reliable means that others can count on you.  It means that you take the rest of the world seriously, and you don’t want to let them down.

Bad habits can be changed, and new, better habits can replace them.  

Be responsible and send the message to everyone around you that their time is important, and they are actually important to you.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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