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tomatoMy name is Mike Asbury.  As a coach, I work with individuals and groups to achieve better focus on their strengths and achieve tangible results in their lives.  I work with all types of individuals to focus, prioritize, set goals, and achieve them.

Success is not an accident.  It is a result of hard thought, hard work, and making every day count toward your goals.

For over twenty years, I have worked with individuals and teams to do things they had no idea they could do. If you have reached a place where you feel “stuck,” let’s get you and your team re-energized and moving forward.

I work exclusively in a virtual practice.  That means that you don’t have to travel to a stuffy office and sit in a waiting room to work with me.  My clients engage with me via telephone or via video using your notebook, tablet, or desktop with camera.

Here are some comments from others:

“Mike is gifted at getting to the core of his clients’ issues and works quickly to help them establish goals and re-establish a path forward. His listening skills are excellent, and he is helping people every day to find hope and achieve success. Mike is the only coach to whom I refer for people who are either failing to launch or seeking a new start professionally or personally.”
– Jill P., PhD, APN

“I know I only worked for you for a short period but I learned a tremendous amount from your guidance and direction. I am constantly on a plan reflecting over my career and think of you as one of my mentors. I cannot thank you enough for driving me to the airport 5 years ago as it was the best decision of my life. It was a tough decision, but your support and understanding was one of the most important aspects of the decisions. I hope you are well and again I just wanted to say thank you.”

– Jonathan H.

“Often when therapeutic goals are achieved, clients find themselves with a renewed sense of purpose, energy, and clarity. This is how and when life coaching becomes the perfect compliment to traditional psychotherapy. I have known Mike for over 15 years, and feel confident in referring my clients who have clinically progressed and are ready to pursue personal and professional growth. Not only is he a naturally gifted motivator, he has a kind and gentle spirit that makes working with him seem effortless. ”
– Lynn S., LCSW


“Mike helped me take a company to the next level. He assisted in almost every facet of the business and his rolodex was invaluable. Mike has strong skill sets in business development and long term sales & marketing strategies. I highly recommend Mike and can’t thank him enough for all of the Business knowledge and wisdom he has given me over the years.”
– John B.


“Mike is a self starter and the consummate “hard charger”. You can be assured that what he tells you he will do will come to fruition. His people skills are remarkable and enable him to be an excellent manager.”
– Don M.


“Mike, you are a natural motivator of others. That, combined with your excellent communication skills, make this blog a joy to read. Thank you!”
– Phyllis H.


“You have a to-the-point and concise way of writing, so much in such a short time. Looking forward to your next post and learning more from you, we all need help getting “unstuck” time and again.”
– Chris O.

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