Why Are You Writing This?

I was recently asked “Why are you writing this thing?”  It occurred to me that it might be a good time to discuss this with you.

Some time ago, I discovered that I was feeling stuck from a creative, professional perspective.  I was doing the same thing that I have done for years, successfully, but I wasn’t getting the familiar “charge” from my work that I had historically.  For many years, I have been able to harness some motivation from within myself to drive myself out of a slump and propel myself forward into a more creative and productive place. Sometimes that was reading a book that motivated me to energize and tackle a new project.  Sometimes it was the byproduct of a stimulating conversation.  Sometimes it was even the prospect of a new job or endeavor.

This time, however, none of those seemed like the right answer.  There was fundamentally a void that was growing, and I was at an increasing loss as to how to fill it. Furthermore, I had no idea with what to fill it. As well, I had been in deep thought about how I was going to give voice to the fact that I needed to expand my ability to have an impact on others.  It was during this time that I came to realize two things:

  1. I have to write and document the things that I believe.
  2. I must find a way to legitimately talk with people who are “stuck” and help motivate them to uncover their strengths and move forward toward realizing their true potential.

I began writing.  I wrote anything I could think of.  I documented historical events in my life.  I wrote about my mom and the struggles she faced during her abbreviated life.  I wrote about my 20 year career in sales and sales management.  I wrote about my uncle and his battles with addiction.  I kept writing in sometimes broken streams of consciousness until patterns began to emerge that started to tie disparate events together in my mind.  Slowly, I began to realize how we, and the events in our lives, are impacted by one another. As with most moments of realization in my life, I realized how fortunate I am.

I have been gifted many opportunities in my life, and I am grateful for the people that have joined me on my journey.  I realized that, although we all come from different paths, we all have lessons to share with one another.  I also began following others who have created success in online writing like Michael Hyatt and Jon Acuff.

So, here I am, sharing with you the lessons I have learned in my life.  I hope that these lessons are as beneficial to you as they are to me.  If they are, I hope that you’ll share them with others in your life.  I hope you’ll be generous enough to share your life lessons with me, so we can continue to grow together and benefit each other. If you have appreciated some of what I’ve begun to create here, please share it with others, whether via FaceBook, LinkedIn, or even by subscribing to my posts and forwarding the emails of new entries.

I would appreciate your feedback via comments or personal messages.  Comments on posts allow us to interact in a public way and create a sense of community.  I welcome your input and look forward to an even greater conversation.

Would anyone care to make a comment?

5 thoughts on “Why Are You Writing This?

  1. Great start to new beginnings of teachings sir. Hope you are having a great start to your week. Keep writing and sharing your great message buddy. You have a to the point and concise way of writing, so much in such a short time. Looking forward to your next post and learning more from you, we all need help getting “unstuck” time and again.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Chris. I really appreciate you and the thoughts and messages that you share!

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