4 Steps To Setting Your Best Goals (And Achieving Them)

I just finished reading Tuesday Morning Coaching by David Cottrell.  I highly recommend this book to you if you are stuck professionally and seeking input on how to energize and invigorate yourself.

In chapter 6 of his book, Jeff, the mentor in the story, suggests that he uses four steps to establish goals for himself.  In my life, and as I coach others to do, these steps work perfectly for establishing meaningful, attainable goals.  Here are the four steps that you can use to set goals that will change your life:

  1. SEE IT!  I’ve talked about the importance of having a Vision Statement for yourself and how that’s important to paint the picture for yourself of the person you want to be.  SEE IT means you have to visualize your goal in a present and positive way to imagine what it will look and feel like to have accomplished your goal.
  2. FEEL IT!  Cottrell suggests that writing your goal on paper allows you to paint your canvas more vividly.  Having already seen the goal in its present tense, I think writing the goal on paper is the first step in committing to it.  With your own hand, you’re writing down the goal in a way that is present and clear.  For example, “I am running in that 5K race on November 17th.”
  3. TRUST IT!  Once it’s visualized and committed to paper, you must identify accountability partners who can support you.  Who are the people in your life that want to see you be insanely successful?  Who are the people who love you unconditionally and will serve as your best cheerleaders and sounding boards?  Write down their names and plan to discuss your goals with them individually.
  4. DO IT!  That’s right!  Take action!  It’s important o do something every day toward accomplishing your goals.  Time spent planning your execution will definitely save you time when you start taking bites of whatever elephant you choose, but don’t delay taking action (If you don’t already know the joke, it asks the question “How do you eat an elephant?”  Answer: “One bite at a time”)  Launch!  Yes, it is critical to know where you are today, how you plan to achieve your goal, what your obstacles are to success, and how you plan to work around (or straight through) those obstacles.  As you do those critical steps in mapping out your personal goal attainment, make sure to give yourself baby steps to allow you to feel like you’re accomplishing something every day.

There you have it!  It is undeniably a lot of work, and you can’t skip any step with any goal.  If it’s a goal worth setting, it deserves your complete commitment from the very beginning.  If you discipline yourself to employ these four steps when setting your goals, nothing can stop you from creating substantial, sustainable change in your life.

Tell me what goals you’re establishing for yourself and how these four steps are going to change the way you identify them, set them, and achieve them!

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