100% 100% Of The Time

100guaranteeSounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Ask yourself at any given point of the day, “Am I giving 100% to what I’m doing right now?”  It’s applicable for virtually every part of our lives.  Have you ever heard people talk about “living in the moment?”  Have you heard people say they’re “in the now?”

Whether we’re performing a task for our employer, taking care of honey-dos at home, or engaged in a conversation with a boss, client, friend, or spouse, it is critical that we avoid the distractions that life hands us to take care of the business at hand.  Recently, an associate told me that having his e-mail up on screen at all times was poisonous.  He found that having that visibility in front of him at all times distracted him from focusing and really using his time on his terms.  It’s true.  Having an application up on screen at all times that drives your every priority doesn’t seem like the most effective way to employ strategy in one’s time management.

At the same time, It’s important to remember that, if you’re at work, and e-mail correspondence is an important part of your job, you cannot get distracted by other, less-work-related, tasks that turn into black holes (i.e., YouTube, FaceBook, etc.).  It has been my mantra for some time to ask myself periodically throughout the work day to ask “Am I giving 100% right now to what I should be doing?”  If the answer is “no,” I simply change what I’m doing.

It really is that simple.  Wait.  Did you doze off while reading that?  Maybe you need to ask yourself the question.

Are you giving 100% 100% of the time?

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