No Shame In Your Game (5YTL)

We've all experienced it. There's something(s) in your past that has haunted you.   It was something that you said.   It was something that you did.   It was something you ignored that you regret.   I'm talking about shame. What is the price of shame?  How does it rule us when we allow it to?  Why do we do it? As we sit here is the wake of an unprecedented US Presidential Election, we've all seen a great deal of behaviors that could invoke a sense of shame.  I, myself, ha...

Run To The Fire (5YTL)

We all know that firefighters are tasked with running into live fires.  It is an insanely difficult job, and I am glad it is not mine.  After all, the fire is where the danger is.  The fire is also where people have the greatest opportunity to make a difference. A few years ago, when I had the pleasure of attending Donald Miller's Storyline Conference in Nashville, I learned that a big part of his life's mission is to "save many lives."  He teaches that our lives are stories, and well-crafted...

Your Imposter Syndrome Is Actually An Imposter (5YTL)

Have you ever felt like an imposter? The truth is that everyone has felt like this at one point or another throughout their lives and careers.  The imposter syndrome is that voice inside your head who knows you better than anyone else in the world.  It's the voice that says "Who Do You Think You Are?"  It's that voice that lets the negativity of others into your head and begins to build truth with it.  The good news is that this voice isn't you, and it doesn't speak for you.  It is an IMPOSTE...

Who Do You Think You Are? (5YTL)

Someone is going to ask you one or more of these questions one day: "What makes you different?" "What makes you stand out?" "What makes you uniquely qualified to...?" "Why should I trust you?" "How can you make a difference?" "Why are you calling me?" "Who do you think you are?" When someone asks you this type of question, it's best to assume that they want a sincere and honest answer.  Many folks are put off by these types of questions and look like they never expected to be ...