Freedom Is The Opposite of Fear

It‘s true that fear is crippling.  It’s also true that fear is usually rooted in past experience that colors what we believe will be our future results.  It’s further true that fear is a natural response to uncertainty.

How, then, are we supposed to move from fear to freedom?

Freedom, TRUE FREEDOM, is achieved when we stand up straight, open our eyes fully, and firmly say (and believe) “Fear has no place here!”  Ask yourself “What would I do differently today if I weren’t afraid?”  Really ask yourself this question, and start writing down all of the answers that come to mind.  Would you quit your dead-end job?  Would you walk right out the door from that abusive relationship?  Would you start that new business?  Would you call that person from whom you’ve been separated and apologize?

The truth is that fear is something that we make up.  We aren’t meant to be creatures of fear.  We are meant to be creatures of purpose.  We are meant to walk with authority and intention.  Why, then, do we live and operate in fear?

More importantly, how do we stop?

First, acknowledge that you’re afraid.  It’s not shameful.  It’s honest.  Admit that you are afraid and name your fear.  In this first step, you’re most likely to learn some fairly revealing things about yourself.  It’s not what you learn here that defines you.  In this step, you are defined by your searching.  Not searching, and hiding under a rock, is far worse than anything you’ll find in your search.

Second, ask why.  Why are you afraid of what you discovered in the first step?  Is there history that you’re carrying forward with you that belongs in the past?  Did something or someone injure you at some point and cause you to associate that pain with other unrelated things?

Third, ask yourself what you would do if that fear was gone.  If you could wave a magic wand today and make that fear disappear, what would/could you do differently?  What would you look like?  What would you sound like?  How would others respond to you?

Finally, imagine what freedom from that fear could mean to you!  If, like me, you believe that we are meant to live free and not in fear, you have to be willing to call bullshit from time to time on your fear.  In confronting fear, we’re actually calculating opportunity cost.  By giving power to your fear, you’re neglecting to do something else.  What is it?  Can you see yourself physically holding these two things up next to each other and weighing the actual trade you’re making by not choosing freedom?

Life is too short to not live free.  Life is too short to be afraid.  Life is far too short to waste even a single moment of it crippled by our fears and depriving ourselves of TRUE FREEDOM.

Do it today!  Kick fear to the curb, embrace freedom, and say it with me:

“FEAR HAS NO PLACE HERE!”  Tomorrow begins Today.

Stop With The Hate!

The trouble with our right to bear arms is that people who should not walk among us wielding weapons……  can.

People in a myriad of circumstances and life situations are empowered to enact justice as they see individually fit.  Justice is in the eye of the beholder, and if one brandishes a weapon, he or she is armed to impose it.

In much the same way, able-bodied people can have children.  There is no license required in the United States to procreate.  Regardless of socioeconomic state, health status, drug usage status, criminal history, general irresponsibility, people can have children.

That said, far too many people, armed with words as weapons and reproducing hate in scores, lob a phrase into the world that makes it appear that they are compassionate while raining judgment down on anyone who doesn’t agree with their way of life.  What is that phrase?  It’s this:


Never mind the inaccuracy with which the scriptural interpretation is wielded.  Never mind that the implication is that this is a direct Christ command.  Never mind that Jesus left two commands, both rooted in love and devoid of hate.

The very idea of loving while hating is contrary to human nature.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t do both at the same time.  So, I’m working to choose to just do one of these.  I’m working on just loving the sinner.  While I do, I’m hoping that everyone else I know does, because we’re all characterized in that description.

Do you think you’re doing someone a solid by professing to love them while you hate who they are or what they do?  Doesn’t sound very solid to me.  Sounds weak, empty, condescending, and isolationist.

Here’s my thought for the next time that phrase pops in your head…

Don’t do it.  Tomorrow Begins Today.

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