If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door (5YTL)

opportunityKnock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock.

In Luke 11, we are advised that doors are opened when we knock.  Have you ever had that experience where you knock on a door, and no one hears your knock?  So, you wait for a bit and knock again, this time a little louder.  You hear voices inside, so you know that someone’s on the other side.  You wait, fidget from one foot to the other and knock again.

It’s uncomfortable.

The truth is that the only way to get from this side of the door to the other is to keep knocking until the door is opened.  That discomfort you feel?  That fear that wells up inside you as you wait?  It’s part of a process.  It’s part of how you grow from what you know on this side of the door to the possibilities that await you on the other side of the door.

The most important thing is that you keep knocking.  You knock, and you knock, and you knock until the door opens.  You’re promised that the door will open.  Your own perseverance is what eventually opens the door.

  • Cold calling in sales
  • Playing or singing your part perfectly
  • Reaching your congregation
  • Managing your team effectively
  • Connecting with your mate
  • Writing your great story
  • Starting the *right* business
  • Breaking your addiction
  • Completing your degree program
  • Loving yourself

All of these are examples of the need to keep knocking.  “Persistence pays off,” we’re told, and knocking gives us something to do while we grow through our discomfort and fear.  Consequently, it also moves us forward toward our goal of getting through that door.

I’m not just suggesting that you not give up.  I’m telling you to actively pursue your goal.  Not giving up may only imply that you not give up hope.  Hope without action is just a feeling.  Hope without belief is also just a feeling.  I want you to believe and take action.  Whatever your “knock” is, you have to knock every day.  You have to knock loudly and constantly.

“Ask and you’ll get; Seek and you’ll find; Knock and the door will open.”  Tomorrow Begins Today.

Life Is A Series Of Choices (5YTL)

ChoicesI spoke with a great group last week about the importance of getting and staying out of the box.  

In this conversation, we talked about what it means to be in the box and how when we’re in the box, we lure people into the box to justify our being there.

The fact is that being in the box, while comfortable (the devil you know), is toxic.  We see people as objects and obstacles and fail to see them as real people.  When we intentionally free ourselves from our box (and this is work), we release ourselves from a victim mentality and allow ourselves to live productively and with purpose.

Let me interject that living with a victim mentality looks very different on different people.  For some, and we have all known folks like this, it looks like it sounds.

  • “The world is out to get me.”
  • “I can’t catch a break.”
  • “I can never seem to get ahead.”

I’m sure you can add plenty to these as well.  For others, a victim mentality looks more like focusing on the competition instead of focusing on your own business.  If you’re focusing on your competition instead of your customers or own team, then you’re doing it wrong.

Regardless of what your box looks like, staying in it is a choice.  You can make a better choice!  When I say that life is a series of choices, I’m not just talking about what cereal to eat or what socks to wear.  I’m talking about every single choice we make every day.  We choose to respond negatively to that email.  We choose to be defensive with that receptionist at the doctor’s office.  We choose to make a snarky remark to that coworker.

Conversely, and very importantly, we choose to make positive impacts throughout every given day, too.  We choose to expect the best out of people.  We choose to encourage a friend or coworker.  We choose to forgive.  We choose to forget.

Whatever your circumstances, your choices define you, and people are noticing.  They’re noticing where you aim your sphere of influence, and they’re adjusting accordingly to either migrate toward your light or avoid you like the plague.  Which do you prefer?

My hope is that we do the most and best with this one life that we’re given.  My hope is that we encourage each other, lift each other up, succeed wildly, and find the good in as many people as possible (even when they sometimes cannot).

After all, life is a series of choices.   How will you make better choices and get out of your box today?  Tomorrow Begins Today.