The Art of Grief (5YTL)

We will all experience loss at times in our lives. Whether it is the loss of a relationship (professional or otherwise) or the loss of a job or, as I will discuss here, the loss of a family member in death, we will all experience loss several times throughout our lifetime.  It is in those losses that our true character has its greatest opportunity to shine and flourish. Just over a week ago, I woke early to 23 missed calls on my charging phone.  It is the type of thing that sends a definit...

Radical In The Likeness of Jesus (5YTL)

Over the course of the last year, we have been delving deeply into the profile qualities that characterize members of our church family (More on High Places Community Church here).  We studied through all six of those profile qualities in great depth, and that ended last week with the second of a 2-part study on the profile quality of rest. In that vein, the pastors took the week off last weekend and left the insane to run the asylum.  Six volunteers were asked to take one each of the profile...

Life Is A Dash (5YTL)

If Tomorrow
As I age, I'm more and more aware that life is short. Every time I learn that someone has met their end at an early age, it puts me in check and reminds me that I want to make a difference in this life of mine.  I find my center again and question the way I live my life and what I want to accomplish.  And it's not just those who die young.  I like to listen to stories of lives that were long and full of activity and difference.  I listen to stories of accomplishment and lasting impressions, a...

HELP! I Need Someone To Be Positive! (5YTL)

My Mother-In-Law says "I'm too old for sad things."  It's one of her reasons for not watching the sad movies. I get it. I don't believe I'm too old for sad things, but I am definitely too tired of hearing negative things.  If we are to "turn on the lights in places that have grown dark," then we need to BE a light. I heard someone say yesterday that "Our nation is doomed and we deserve whatever happens to us," and, aside from my disbelief and shock, I felt sad that he would say it.  It ...